Training Plan

   M            T            W             R            F            Sa            Sun

    3          Cross        Pilates       5            Rest        10           Cross

    4          Cross        Pilates        7            4             15           Cross

    4          Cross        Rest           8            4             16           Cross

    4          Yoga        Hot Yoga   Rest       6             Rest          6

    Yoga     9              5             Rest          18           Rest       Cross

    5          Cross        Rest           9            5             14           Cross

    5          Cross        Rest          10           5             20           Cross

    5          Cross        Rest           8            4             12           Cross

    4          Cross        Rest           6            3              8            Cross

    3             4            Rest      Light run    Rest      Rest      RACE!!!

Above is the training plan that I will be using to train for the Paris Marathon. I am building on the base from the Disney Marathon that I ran in January. This is a very loose schedule, subject to A LOT of change! 

Interning, studying for exams, and trying to maintain a balanced life make a strict plan impossible. It is good to be flexible, otherwise the training feels more like a task to cross off the list, then an exciting opportunity to grow and work toward achieving a goal.   

I will cross off the runs as I do them, and update the schedule as needed. 

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